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7 Tips for Your Journey to the Hospital

Simple but very efficient tricks which will make the transfer much more bearable.

1. Headphones

The noise around you can be very disturbing and you can eliminate this by putting the headphones on and listening to your favourite relaxing music or hypnobirthing relaxations. Ideally do not take them off when you enter the hospital and let your partner to communicate with the hospital staff as much as possible.

Also when people see that you have headphones on they are less likely to disturb you and will address their questions to your partner.

Tune in to yourself

2. Close your eyes

In order to concentrate just on yourself and your baby you can put a sleeping mask on so you are not disturbed by all the things around you. You can also put it back on in the hospital when waiting for the doctor or examination.

Close your eyes in busy environment

3. Soft and cosy

Bring a bit of home with you. It can be a cushion or a blanket, something what will instantly remind you of home and make you feel comfortable.

You can use it in the car, hospital waiting room or birthing room.

4. Make it smell good

Very few people like the hospital smell so make sure it won't affect you.

When meeting your baby you should not wear any perfume but you can use essential oil on your clothes or cushion so you can just dig your nose in and feel like at your home. If you are a hypnobirthing mum I recommend you using this oil of your choice during the relaxations so the smell can evocate the state of relaxation very quickly.

The surrounding smell is very important and can either make us tense or relaxed.

5. Back seat

I remember going to the birth centre during my first labour and I could not cope with sitting down. It was so hard to stay in that position and I didn’t realise that I could simply get on the back seat and if needed be on all four or in any other more comfortable position than sitting straight up.

This advice would make 20 minutes of my labour so much easier!

6. Warm socks

Does is sound like your Grandma's advice? It probably does but it might be a chilly day or the aircondition in the car can make you feel cold. You can keep a pair of warm socks in the door pocket just in case you need them.

The body temperature of woman in a labour can be changing significantly.

7. Waterproof mat

Whether your water already broke at home or not, it might happen on the way to the hospital. Better dry than sorry ;)

You can prepare all these things into one bag which you keep in the car. Ideally with a bottle of water and some little snack. Place it behind the passenger's seat so one less worry when packing for the hospital between the surges.

And a few tips for your partner:

1. Make sure you know the journey to the hospital and if you haven't been, try it including finding the parking spot.

2. If you need to use public parking, make sure you have enough coins with you (St. Sophia in Warsaw doesn't offer any parking - and yes, that was our problem during my first labour).

3. You can use an app to avoid bad traffic, such as Waze.

4. Drive carefuly, avoid holes in the road and be super patient and calm. The miracle is coming.

5. Try to remember at least two simple massage techniques to help during the labour. It will really help her and also involve you more with the experience. (A personal tip from my husband).

Were the tips useful or do you have any of your own? Looking forward to your comments.

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