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Helping soul-led entrepreneurs 

to own their gifts and simplify their business so they can amplify their impact and income .

With joy and ease!

Hi! I'm Šárka,
a holistic coach

I am Czech, mum of 3 young children, wife and very passionate coach. We are living in Cornwall, south-west coast of England. 

In my work I combine spirituality with personalised business strategy. 

My passion is subconscious work, including shadow archetypes and golden shadow 

I empower women to discover and truly own their gifts so they can build thriving and sustainably growing business. 

No burnout, no overwhelm. But more joy, ease and fun.

Ready to dive in and create the change and expansion you have been desiring for quite some time but not sure where to start? 

Let's discover it together. 

Nice to Meet You


Do you often feel

Too much but also not enough?

Workin a lot but still not achieving financial freedom?

Having a big vision but still being held back whenever getting out of your comfort zone?

Let's explore this together and find out what has been playing on your subconscious mind. 

What beliefs can be discovered and reprogrammed.

Were can you be energetically more aligned wit what you desire, not wit what has been present.

You Are Not Alone


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Linda Berger, Abundance Coach

“I go to Sarka for 3 reasons, which she combines in a unique way: 1. trust - because I know I can trust her with anything and it is safe. 2. holding the energy and my highest potential, which is always an incredible experience for me. 3. laser sharp - she always shines a light where I don't want to look or where I look but don't see the causes. And with Sharka, it's always done quickly and efficiently. And when these 3 points come together, it results in an instant transformation for the runes. I find few people with such a powerful combination of all 3 points and that's why I love coming back to Sarka."

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